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Safety Online


Children are now born into a digital world, which undoubtedly gives them fantastic opportunities to learn; develop new skills and to keep in touch with family and friends. However, just like the real world, it is important young people stay safe and that you (as parents and carers) feel fully equipped to help them develop the knowledge and resilience they need for digital life.


Digital life comes easy but the implications can potentially hit hard.


If you have any concerns or simply want some advice about online safety, please get in touch with school. You can also visit Linking Learning: a social enterprise which offers educational support and advice to parents and carers, including collecting the most useful and latest guidance about how to stay safe online. Click here to access lots of useful tips.


You can also click the image below to access 'Think You Know', which is a wonderful resource for engaging children of different ages...



How does our curriculum support you and your children staying safe online?

Our Computing curriculum places your children's safety at its heart. All classrooms, from early years to year 6, explore the most up to date online issues in an engaging way and at an age appropriate level. We use planning and resources from 'National Online Safety ', which have been developed in line with and to support statutory policy and recommended guidance.


The NOS brand-new lesson plans are directly aligned to and support the:

  • UKCIS ‘Education for a Connected World’ framework;
  • DfE ‘Relationships education, relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education’ statutory curriculum; 
  • DfE ‘Teaching online safety in school’ guidance



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