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Home Learning Resources Class 1

Hello Class 1!


You'll find everything you need for Home Learning on the pages below. If you have questions or need any help during the week, you can contact me via Class Dojo or by telephoning the school office.


Our 'Pledge for the Planet' learning this week is based on the lovely book '10 Things I can do to Help my World' by Melanie Walsh. 


















There are 10 challenges to choose from over the week. Choose and complete one activity each day - do your best to produce work you are proud of!



10 Things you can do - Daily Challenges

Plan your timetable


Your first task this week is to plan your daily timetable - it can be bright and colourful! You will need to plan for daily Phonics and Maths - about 20-30 minutes. You'll need longer to complete your daily challenge. Plan to read your Big Cat reading book for a few minutes every day.


It's important to plan to have regular breaks through the day, just like you do at school. If you get tired, it gets harder to learn, so plan for a rest, drink and snack.


Don't forget to stay active this week! Plan time for exercise - walking, running, dancing, playing football or whatever you enjoy! Work out with Joe Wicks (  or do some yoga at 


We'd love to see your finished timetable!



Your child's Home Learning Phonics sessions for this week will be posted via ClassDojo.

Maths - Year 1 and 2, with links to activities

Maths - Year 1 and 2


Maths Year 1 and 2

This week, we are learning about 2D and 3D shapes. If you’re very confident naming shapes and talking about their properties, you could try the extra challenge at the end of the week.


Daily practice using ‘Hit the Button’ and White Rose Maths ‘1 Minute Maths’ App will help you to get speedy at recalling maths facts.


Hit the Button:

1 Minute maths app:




What are 2D shapes?


Watch the video then practice naming shapes using the activity and quiz.



What are 3D shapes?


Watch the video then practice 3D shapes using the activity and quiz.



What are the properties of 3D shapes?


Watch the video then practice using the activities and quiz.


Practice what you know about shapes using these games:


Extra Challenge:


Can you make a game to help someone learn the names or properties of shape?


Bingo? Matching pairs (picture to name)? Match a shape to a real-life object? Get creative!


Book activities: Book presentation, discussion activities and Zigzag book instructions

What a fantastic response to our really successful remote learning!


Here are just a few examples from the class over the week...