Our Creative Approach to Learning

We believe that children learn in many different ways but that a common thread of good teaching and learning is that experiences are memorable; we work hard to ensure that memorable learning is a cornerstone of what we are about. Our curriculum is creative and responsive, taking advantage of any learning outside of the classroom. In particular, we are proud of the ways children engage creatively with ICT as technology is an increasingly important feature of modern life that we want our children to be prepared for.

At the same time, this creative approach to learning is backed up by clear planning that is based on a three year cycle. In this way, we ensure that creative teaching and learning takes place while safeguarding the essential coverage necessary to deliver the National Curriculum effectively.

We send out curriculum overviews to parents at the start of each term so that they are fully aware of teaching and learning content that will be focussed on during the forthcoming term.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Why learn about mountains only in the classroom when we live in a mountainous area?

Why study the local area only from within the school walls when there are lots of historical places to visit?

Why learn about Buddhism without going to a Buddhist temple?

We know that children learn best when learning is memorable and that is why we work hard to find the learning in the real world. Children at our school are used to taking part in Viking sword fights, exploring rocks and soils in working quarries, digging in the mud of real archaeological excavations or climbing Black Combe to take part in science work. We know that this learning approach works because we know that children learn in a variety of ways. We know that children learn best when it’s fun!