Our Aims and Values

Our School Ethos

We are dedicated to playing our part in preparing children for the world.

Our school ethos is concerned with developing the whole child so that they leave us with all the skills they need in place to lead fulfilling and caring lives.

We are a church school and this identity is a pivotal part of what we are about; we want our children to be caring individuals with a compassionate world view. We aim to support those children who share the Christian faith, respect those of other faiths and challenge those children of no faith to engage with these deep issues of personal identity.

Captain Shaw’s C of E School Vision

We aim for all of our children to:

  • To achieve high academic standards and to have made measurable progress in line with their abilities and interests.
  • Acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to the changing world in which they live within the Christian values of the school ethos.
  • Respect and value themselves, other people and the environment.
  • To develop the skills to work successfully, both independently and with others.
  • Take responsibility for their own actions and make informed choices.
  • Make a positive contribution as citizens of the wider world locally, nationally and worldwide.
  • Grow healthily in mind, body and spirit.
  • Make the transfer to Secondary School with confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Enjoy all aspects of belonging to our school including their friendships and learning experiences.
  • Experience equality of opportunity in all areas of their school life.

Meet Our Staff

  • Ms Morris

    Ms Morris is our Headteacher.

  • Mrs Miller

    Mrs Miller is our Class 1 teacher.

  • Miss Beaumont

    Miss Beaumont is our Class 1 teaching assistant.

  • Mrs Tyson

    Mrs Tyson is our office manager and lunch time supervisor.

  • Mrs Murray

    Mrs Murray is our Class 2 teacher.

  • Mrs Clark

    Mrs Clark is our caretaker.

  • Sarah Jackson

    Sarah is our food and hygiene and cookery teacher and our life guard.

  • Keith Blakeney

    Keith is our bus driver.

Meet Our Governors

  • Trudy Harrison

    Staffing and Safeguarding

    Chair of Governors

  • Adelaide Morris

    Staffing and Safeguarding


  • Elaine Miller

    Staffing and Safeguarding

    Staff Governor

  • Sarah Jackson

    Staffing and Safeguarding

    Vice Chair

  • Adrian Brough

    Staffing and Safeguarding

    LA Governor and Finance

  • Jean Hughes

    Staffing and Safeguarding

    Foundation Governor

  • Anabel Steward

    Staffing and Safeguarding

    Foundation Governor

  • Jackie Southward

    Staffing and Safeguarding

    Community Governor

Our School Environment

Captain Shaw’s school is right in the heart of Bootle village, enclosed by the towering hills of Cumbria in front of us and the sea behind us.

We have a well resourced and safe school environment with a large playground for children to play in. We have an amazing school field with outdoor adventure play activities. We also have a large school hall for PE.  For special celebrations, our church of St Michael and All Saints is just a minute’s walk away and Bootle Evangelical church is just across the road!

Our Governing Body

Our school is fortunate to have a committed, enthusiastic governing body who support us in so many ways. It is made up of staff, parents and community members and our chair of Governors is Mrs Trudy Harrison.

The governing body meet regularly to ensure that community stakeholders have a key role in the direction of our school.

If anyone is interested in volunteering their time and energy to our school governing body then please get in touch with the school office who can advise you on governor recruitment procedures.


At the Heart of Our Community

Shipmates Toddler Group

Shipmates is our very own toddler group!   Shipmates meets in the school hall every Thursday afternoon from 1.00pm.  Come and make use of our fantastic resources in our spacious hall and outdoor learning area.  Meet new parents and make new friends.

For more information give Debbie a ring on 718279.

Friends of Captain Shaw's

The Friends of Captain Shaw’s are a small but vibrant group of people who support our school in providing high quality education for the children of Bootle. They meet regularly to devise fun and community-minded events that both raise the profile of our school, bring the Bootle community together and raise money for the school.

Recently, the Friends of Captain Shaw’s have purchased and donated:

  • a class set of Ukuleles
  • a euphonium
  • new tables and chairs for Class 1!
  • subscription to fantastic online resources!

They are another example of what makes our school so special and any parents or local people interested in supporting our school are invited to join the group. Our office administrator, Debbie Tyson will be happy to give you more information if you contact her at the school.

Our Church

We are a Church of England school and our local church of St Michael’s and All Angels in Bootle is an important part of our identity. We visit church regularly (it’s only a minutes walk away) and celebrate all major Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter there.

We also work extremely closely with our friends at Bootle Evangelical Church which is just across the road!